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Real Estate | December 23, 2023
How to become a Real Estate Developer

Steps to Become a Real Estate Developer 1. Education and Qualifications for Real Estate Development ● Obtaining a Bachelor’s Degree: While there may be no strict educational path to becoming a real estate developer, a degree in fields inclusive of real estate, business, finance, or urban planning can offer a solid foundation. ● Advanced Education: Pursuing a master’s degree in…

Real Estate | December 23, 2023
How Inidia’s Commercial Real Estate Sector is Expanding?

How Inidia’s Commercial real estate Sector is Expanding? India’s commercial real estate sector has experienced a remarkable growth trajectory in recent years. Fueled by factors such as foreign direct investment, infrastructure development, increasing demand for office space, emerging coworking spaces, expansion of the retail sector, government initiatives and the advent of listed real estate investment companies (REIT), India’s commercial real…