We Have Worked On Multiple Projects

in Real Estate Sales Since 2015

Unparalleled Real Rstate Expertise in the Heart of Mumbai, Ensuring Your Property Dreams Become a 

Reality with the Best Consultants in Town!

How We Are.

Megaplex Prime is a real estate consulting firm that empathizes with the complexities that developers face in today’s competitive market. We are here to be your reliable partner, offering a wide range of premium solutions that will help your projects reach new heights of accomplishment

Our missions

Creating and Capturing the Market Ground with Innovative Technology Driven Solutions for our Clients in Real Estate World To Reach The Optimum.

Our vision

To Be The Best And Most Renowned Real Estate Agency in India and Keep Constantly Growing Towards Fulfilling Our Clients Dreams.

Our Biggest Award is Develop Thriving Communities.

I am Sidharth!

Sales Manager at Megaplex. We have been in the market for the last 10 years while serving for more than 1000 properties in different sectors.Our target is to grow with our clients. We offer services that help our clients get sales in residential, commercial, and land sectors. Client satisfaction is our optimum target. We use multiple platforms on online and offline mediums that assures us the sale of our clients properties with an exposure to the right target.

Real Estate Consultancy

Our Consulting offers a variety of real estate and urban economic consulting services to builders, owners, developers, and public sector organizations.

Sole Selling

Assist our clients (builders and developers) in selling their real estate projects more quickly by providing a turnaround of properties, or commercial offices


Our team excels in real estate development, adding value through creative strategies, aiming to explore occurrences in significant land acquisitions.

Residential Sales

specialists in home sales, working with leading developers and builders, producing outcomes using cutting-edge technologies and efficient procedures.

Commercial Sales

Provide the Best Solutions for commercial real estate sales. Our services have an inclusion of tailored advisory for commercial sales with innovative and unique strategies.

Financial Services

Fast and Easy loan services for home, retail, working capital, and construction finance—quickly arrange funds for residential and commercial properties.

You Looking For Newly Launch Verified Project and Properties In Mumbai.

Discover your dream homes in our local area! Explore a wide range of options by price, amenities, and unique features. We’re here to offer helpful advice every step of the way!

Property Professionals in Your Area.

We're Experts.

Discover your ideal family home or profitable overseas investment with our unparalleled customer service, supported by more than 8 years of experience. You can rely on us to support you at every turn, whether your destination is a quaint home on a tree-lined boulevard or exciting prospects in foreign marketplaces. As you start your real estate endeavours, take advantage of our depth of knowledge and attentive assistance.

We're Good to Know.

Real Estate Consulting: You’re glad to know that we are your reliable consultants. Our knowledge extends beyond transactions to include comprehending your particular requirements and objectives. You can depend on us for individualised advice and a smooth real estate experience whether you’re investing, buying, or selling. Learn the difference from a consulting that is not simply competent but also really insightful.

We Value Relationships.

Our company’s fundamental values are integrity and trust. It penetrates all we do, giving our partners, investors, coworkers, and clients confidence. Our dedication to giving each client particular attention and customised guidance cultivates enduring connections by enabling them to make wise and well-informed real estate decisions. Select a relationship based on trust, where honesty is not simply a value but also the cornerstone of our strategy.

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