Sole Selling

Our Role as a Mandate Selling Agent:

Our role as a mandate selling agent would like to work with you in such a way that your selling price is the same or lower while reducing your attempts and your commitment are kept to a minimum. So, you can concentrate on your core business or some other more profitable business, thus keeping you absolutely free of this crucial work. We’re right here to make sure that keeping us in business doesn’t raise your costs, which doesn’t make our existence worthwhile. Our existence purely depends on performance. If we are capable of promotion, we will exist. Otherwise, we will vanish. This is the only reason to put in our best if we need to be in business.

The Need

  1. The required income group usually includes your employees, your partner/agent network, and most importantly, you.
  2. Although sales are the most important activity in the entire business cycle, it isn’t always speculated to be the core activity for the developers.
  3. Sales is a time-consuming and continuous business that must be handled with care and patience.

It has its own personal cycle and requirements: lead generation, lead classification and management, appropriate processing and several follow-up actions, implemented in a completely correct and qualified manner, participation in laws and various consultations, procedures and their implementation sales customer., Tracking payments, etc.

What we have:

  1. A proper study and understanding of all aspects of the Indian market.
  2. A well-educated and experienced team.
  3. A well-defined and efficient sales process.
  4. We have had a number of successful and best-of-breed transactions and have a large and healthy buyer database from all over India, as well as NRIs.
  5. We have a large and healthy buyer database from all over India, as well as NRIs.

  6. Our client list includes both corporates and individuals.

  7. We, having a broad experience of the marketplace as consultants, truly have a part to play in educating clients about the benefits of the project compared to others available in the market, thus enhancing project credibility and sales.

What we offer for a mandate selling proposal:

We provide services according to a dedicated and well-trained sales staff for the website, and we will handle all the inquiries and follow-ups. We are responsible for all marketing, promotion, and sales activities for the project. We are committed to ensuring on-time delivery. Our prices are very reasonable and we guarantee you complete value for money. You are completely free for the sales portion and can concentrate on your primary area. We are there for customers and keep them for after-sales ordinary queries, and for that reason, we develop a strong bond between you and your buyers.

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