Residential Sales

We are the most reputed and successful residential sales experts in operating the premium and luxury home segments in Mumbai. Over the last couple of years, we’ve seen a lot of growth and have sold several properties throughout Mumbai to our agents, who mainly consist of HNI’s across India and NRI’s all over the world. On the other hand, there are many other residential sales and companies in India that solely specialize in promoting new or under-development projects by real estate developers. We, on the other hand, actively market and promote resale residences! In fact, we love to sell resale properties because that is where the glamour lies, and so does the challenge! If you have bought a wonderful residential property which you would really like to promote, you should contact us. If you have recently made the decision to sell or have listed your property on the market unsuccessfully for a protracted time, contacting us may simply be the most effective decision you have ever made in your life! 

Whether you own a rare villa or a bungalow, a three, four, or five-bed apartment, a penthouse, a duplex, a triplex, or a sea-facing apartment, we already have in-depth consumer information on consumers attempting to find properties just like yours. If your property is “unique” and has a special selling point such as a cherished interior design, a nice location, great views, overlooking the sea or a beautiful park, or is situated in a very desirable address or apartment, there is no reason why your property should not sell. Do keep in mind that there are millions of homes available for sale at any given point in time. However, there are very few homes that are truly “unique.” If you believe your home has something “special,” it will be very easy for us to sell your apartment. In fact, most homeowners who own such “unique” homes know that they have to contact MEGAPLEX PRIME if they want to sell their property in double-quick time!

  1. Our Web Presence

    We have an excellent online presence across “Google Search” and social media channels, notably YouTube. Our fast, fashionable, and practical website ranks highly for anybody who’s searching for residential sales, agencies, and consultants in India, ensuring an oversized range of queries that come to us without any delay from end buyers.

  2. Our clients’ list

    All our qualified leads are confidentially kept in our own custom-built CRM and database management software. Over the years, we’ve built up gentle information of great buyers from all over India as well as NRI’s from Europe, the US, UAE and other countries where NRI’s reside in great numbers.

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