Commercial Sales

Commercial Solutions

The Commercial and Retail Services of Megaplex Prime Property offer in-depth consultive and custom-made real estate solutions specifically for India’s corporate, establishment, and MNC clientele. Right from finance to IT and retail to entertainment, we have served many purchasers from different sectors to achieve their real estate objectives.

We provide first-hand information about the condition of the real estate market, developers, investors, payment methods, marketability, and quality of projects, among several other factors.

Megaplex Prime Realty helps in the structuring and provision of tailor-made real estate solutions as well as with market research, managing negotiations, strategic pricing, and so on. We also provide commercial and retail solutions such as.

Market research – Due to various uncertainties and incomplete information, real estate decisions are often full of difficulties. An effective way to achieve a successful result in such situations is through extensive market research. Our team, according to this, offers you the following services:



  • Making plans to conduct market research
  • Forecasting scenarios
  • Laying a strong foundation
  • Reducing risk




Product Planning and Strategy: After analyzing buyer’s needs and initiating research, we assist you in growing your product concepts and developing a strategy that will help you develop the product in detail, which includes features, dimensions, finishes, and pricing, to gain the ideal stability of volume and value.

Strategic Pricing: Every company, big or small, needs important strategic advantages that can be transformed into added value for its customers. Therefore, strategic pricing lies at the heart of our value proposition and services. Here, our team can provide the following services:

  • Getting the most out of your cash options
  • Conducting exhaustive analysis & planning
  • Ensuring transparency throughout the pricing process
  • Creating win-win scenarios

Sales Strategy Advising: Suggestions on sales strategies to increase income strategy to drive volume, value, and speed and create an actionable plan to achieve your desired sales goal.

Marketing & Communication Strategy: Marketing and communication strategy entails conducting in-depth, 360-degree project communication with all key advertising activities.

Legal Assistance

Land, property, and economic laws are complex and require careful interpretation to arrive at a decision. The team has great experience in all legal aspects of the real estate industry and can provide the following services:

  • Reducing the risk involved
  • Providing legal guidance for informed decision-making
  • Following a customized case-specific approach
  • Ensuring transparency

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